Nyrius Aries Pro Is Like An Invisible HDMI Cord

Streaming content to your TV or projector from a laptop, gaming console, or video camera is great. Cords limiting you to being in one spot and looking ugly at the same time are not. That’s why Nyrius came up with a solution. A small device that allows you to stream full, uncompressed HD video without an HDMI cord. You’ll love the freedom that this provides, even if you don’t know it yet.

First, plug in the small, thumbdrive-sized, transmitter into the HDMI port on your laptop, console, or camera. Then, plug the receiver box right into the HDMI port on your TV and put the sleek black box wherever it fits best into your entertainment set-up. Most people put it on the wall under the TV so there are truly no wires visible.

Now, you have an invisible HDMI cord connecting the two units. You can go anywhere up to 100ft away, through walls and even ceilings. Just digitally sync the units and your streaming will begin. You can see 1080p HD video streamed in real time. Gaming on a giant projector screen, Netflix on your TV, and live feeds from your video camera are just a few possibilities with Nyrius’ line of products.

So, what are you waiting for? Cutting the cord is easy. Shinedown knows, so go ask them. Start streaming without the hassle of the cord, just like streaming was meant to be. Buy Here


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