Oculus Quest Is The Only All-In-One Gaming System For VR

Sure, you can get your VR video game fix through several platforms right now. Whether that is PlayStation’s innovative VR games or through a tradition headset connected to a powerful PC. Either way, you’re tied down to an expensive game system or computer in addition to buying VR gear. This cost is going to add up quickly. Soon, you’ll be able to indulge in your favorite video games VR-style with nothing more than your goggles and controllers. That’s right. The Oculus Quest is changing how you do gaming.

Whether you’re having a lightsaber battle, a boxing match, or are controlling a plane, Oculus Quest is ready to play. The headset uses four ultra-wide-angle sensors to track your real-world position and movements. Oculus’ proprietary Insight tracking translates your real-world movements directly into the game you’re playing.

Combine this ultra-immersive experience with some sleek controllers, and you’re at the next-level of VR gaming. You can pick up a baseball, cast a spell, or don some Hulk fists. Trust us, you’ve never experienced a game like this.

The best part is, everything you need to get started comes in the box. There are no extra units, systems, or computers necessary. Just the headset and controllers. No wires, no tangles, and no bulky hardware. The Oculus Quest really is an invitation to a new, better way to game. It releases in 2019, so be sure to get a preorder in and check out all the awesome specs now. Don’t be the rotten egg. Buy Here


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