Oculus Quest: Next Generation of VR Gaming

Since virtual reality gaming first emerged in the gaming world, it has been a very hot item. Lots of lovers, and few haters of the newest frontier of gaming tech… however, it has still been slow to reach the same level of fame and demand as other consoles. Nearly every home with someone between 5 and 35 years old has some sort of console; an X-BOX One, a PS4, Nintendo Switch, you name it. While VR’s are growing, they are far from that level of use and popularity; however, the Quest could be changing that. VR headsets were advanced from the get-go, but now Oculus is pushing it even further.

Why The Quest is Better Than The Rest

A big reason so many other consoles have continued to stay relevant and popular is for a fairly simple reason. Comfort and continuity. People who grew up with an old X-BOX or Play  Station are likely to stay with those consoles because it’s what they know. The menus and settings all look and feel familiar, and it’s just easy. While virtual reality is innovative and exciting, it isn’t as easy to jump into as those other consoles. This is where the Quest comes in though. With most other headsets you have a whole rats nest of wires and cables to sort into your PC, console, TV or whatever else you have. It’s quite fun but takes work to set up correctly and can be frustrating up to that point. With the Quest, it’s all wireless. This means the time to set it up is cut down to nearly nothing. You can get playing quicker than ever so more of your time is spent actually wearing the headset instead of trying to connect it all.

Virtual reality is a huge and exciting advancement in gaming. The Oculus Quest is here to keep the fun going and make it easier than ever so more and more people can get their VR experience started. With advancements like these, it’s only a matter of time until every household has a VR set up somewhere around the house. Buy Here


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