Fly The X-7 Odyssey Microlite Microdrone At Night With LED Lights

Odyssey Microlite Microdrone

The X-7 Odyssey Microlite Microdrone is a perfect drone for people of every skill level. This super fun microdrone has built-in fiber-optic LED lights which makes it perfect for flying at night. The Microlite Microdrone from Odyssey Toys is able to pull off 360º flips. That maneuver might be the most fun trick when it comes to flying drones. The best part? The X-7 Odyssey Microlite Microdrone is currently on sale and marked down 69%.

Easy to fly and capable of taking off from any surface–even from the palm of your hand–the X-7 Microlite is an excellent drone for pilots of all skill levels. Designed with nighttime flying in mind, its fiber-optic LED lights make nocturnal flying a ton of fun. Before you know it, you’ll be zooming through the night sky with ease! Buy Here

Odyssey Microlite Microdrone

Odyssey Microlite Microdrone

The Details:

  • Great for indoor or outdoor flying
  • LED lights let you fly at night
  • Supports 360º flips
  • Features three speeds for beginner, intermediate, & expert fliers

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