Oggi’s Stainless Steel Calypso Double Wall Sports Bottle Comes In 9 Colors


Oggi’s stainless steel sports bottle is a double wall tumbler that will keep your water ice cold. It is built to cup holder specifications found inside of gyms. This means it won’t slide around while you’re pedaling away on the bike or running on the treadmill. Buy It Now

The Calypso tumbler from Oggi comes in nine distinct colors. So if you are looking to mix things up and stand out a little bit then this is the tumbler for you.


A silicone gasket eliminates all leakage. All materials are BPA-free. The double wall construction keeps cold liquids chilly and hot liquids extremely hot.

There are so many sports tumblers on the market today. Over the past two years, we’ve witnessed an incredible explosion in the market. The Oggi Stainless Steel Calypso stands out from the pack because it only costs the price of a pitcher of beer. It is a very affordable alternative to other tumblers, and won’t break the bank like Yeti. Buy It Now

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