Get Lit With the Omni Smoking Multitool

The everyday carry philosophy is all about utility and preparedness. What are your essentials? A wallet, phone, keys, and maybe a pocket knife or multitool seems to come standard for most EDC. It’s those items you gotta have that three-touch pocket check for whenever you head out the door. Not only are the items in your EDC necessary for basically functioning in your day to day, but they should also prepare you for unexpected situations, give you convenience, and maximize efficiency. If you smoke, you have your essentials too and compactness and multipurpose are key for a lighter load in your pockets or bag when you’re out and about all day.

Smoking culture has evolved into more than it was even just a few years ago. It’s not just about the strain, the best rolling paper, or what fruit to cut into for a sweet DIY bong. There have been more and more innovative products that make getting lit easier and more enjoyable. Smoking tools, like the PenSimple grinder, have been getting smaller, sleeker, and smarter. Many of these accessories are multipurpose, a little like the OG multitool, the Swiss Army Knife. Elevated Mechanics takes the idea of the classic Swiss Army Knife and caters it to cannabis enthusiasts everywhere, creating the Omni.

Elevated Mechanics is a small business rooted in Colorado. Four lifelong friends with backgrounds in engineering, sales, design, and management founded the company in 2017 and created something modern out of a the classic multitool. The functional and versatile Omni was produced with high quality materials and the smoker in mind. Even with so many cool smoking gadgets available today, the Omni sets itself apart.

Small, but mighty

The Omni may be light and compact, but the multitool carries a lot of weight when it comes to elevating your smoking experience. Every Omni is individually assembled and inspected for quality. The Omni is easy to clean, easy to use, and with its stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction, designed to last. The patented design combines pretty much all you need for a great and convenient smoke:

  • Anti-clump grinder with lever action: Get a consistent and hassle-free grind. The unique design allows you to pack the grinder to the brim in one use—perfect for pipes of all sizes!

  • Three removable tools: The scraper removes resin from your pipe after each use, collects pollen from the grinder housing, and can measure out concentrate. The poker clears any residue from your pipe’s draught hole with ease. The press packs each chamber perfectly so you can keep your fingers and lighter clean.

  • Built-in mini Bic lighter slot: The slot is detachable, making it easy for you to light up. Simply lock it back into place with the Omni so you never lose your lighter again.

  • Integrated Ez-pinch storage chamber: The chamber holds a generous amount of product on-the-go.

  • Screen holder: Store screens for those emergency situations.

  • Retractable hemp-wick spool: The Omni holds over a foot a wick so you can burn without butane.

Elevated Mechanics has quick and easy-to-follow tutorials showing all the innovative functions of the Omni. The Omni is available in eight colorways: cobalt, black, blood orange, grape, neon blue, sterling silver, wintergreen, and bubblegum pink. Buy Here

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