This Foldable Canoe Is the Size of a Small Suitcase

Who knew just folding paper could spark so much creativity? Whether they’re jumping frogs, cootie catchers, 1,000 lucky cranes, or even the ever so wise Yoda, the Japanese art of origami is without a doubt a strong combination of innovative design and creativity. Why not apply this idea and art to everyday objects? From foldable reusable bags to collapsible water bottles and lamps, origami has been used in the design of many cool things and now, that art is coming to a lake near you. ONAK took the practice of origami to create a functional, compact, and portable canoe with the original origami canoe. Now, they’ve upgraded with the ONAK 2.0, which offers much of the same experience as the OG, but with some welcome additions and improvements.

ONAK canoes are designed and manufactured in Belgium and Germany and are designed to be fully recyclable. The launch of the first ONAK has been successful, earning recognition and accolades in publications such as Business Insider, Fast Company, National Geographic, Canoeroots Magazine, and more. Their canoe has won several awards as well, including a Great Gear Award, an Outdoor Industry Award, and a Bizidee Award.

Compact and portable whenever you need it

The crown jewel of ONAK 2.0’s features is its portability. The folding design allows the canoe to easily pack down. Adding the top and bottom parts turns the canoe into a trolley that can be transported quickly and easily. This makes the ONAK easy to fit into small spaces as well. You can attach the canoe to the back of your bike, throw it in the trunk, bring in on the bus, or just roll it to shore. Assembling the ONAK 2.0 is easy as well, taking less than 15 minutes to set up and about 5 minutes to fold down. The canoe measures 183” x 33.5” when set up and packs down to 16.9” x 48.4” x 11”. It weighs 33 lbs and can support up to 551 lbs. That’s perfect for two people and some beer, grub, and gear.

Tough and reliable for any waterborne adventure

ONAKs use an in-house developed Honeycomb – Curv™ Polypropylene composite. This material is lighter, stiffer, and stronger than the aluminum you see in classic canoes. The canoe’s fold lines are flexible, so you can fold and unfold thousands of times without any wear and tear to the structure’s integrity. Every adventure you have with your ONAK is guaranteed thanks to their extended 5-year warranty.

The ONAK 2.0 is like its predecessor in many ways. It’s portable, tough, compact, light, reliable, and smart, but improvements have made it better than ever. The strap system used to pull the canoe together has been improved, requiring less physical effort, and no tools necessary. The new pulley system does add 5 minutes more to the assembly time. That’s around 15 minutes total instead of 10, but still very quick to set up. The bottom flat area of the canoe is also bigger and comes with two click-in wooden seats. The trolley mode has been improved as well, now with rust-free, no bearings pneumatic wheels. The crossing straps also add more stability. Like the original ONAK, the new canoe also launched a production bid on Kickstarter. The project was successfully backed with 62 backers and shipping is estimated to start in April 2019. Learn More


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