One Eleven and Slowtide’s Summer Collab Over Solar Powered Watch and Matching Towel

Nothing says Summer like the hot Sun and a poolside seat. One Eleven and Slowtide have put together a neat little package deal with two undeniably summer themed products. One Eleven’s SW1 solar power watch and Slowtide’s quick dry towel with a matching pattern are the perfect hot summer items to turn heads and get some practical use out of too.

Solar Powered SW1 Watch

This One Eleven watch is an attractive, unique, and eco-friendly one. This solar powered timepiece not only looks great with its vibrant seasonally colored pattern but can dive down up to 100 meters deep with you. With a classic compass face design, this watch stands out among others.

It’s covered by a hardened mineral glass crystal covering and a stainless steel case this watch is also durable. As fun as the crazy patterned band is, we know somedays it’s a bit much, so they’ve also included extra watch bands with more subtle splashes of color.

Quick Drying Towel

This boldly printed beach towel dries like a full-body hairdryer. Like the watch, it is also eco-friendly. This is because this towel is made entirely of post-consumer plastic. So when people throw out a bag of chips, water bottle, or old cup, they somehow turn it into this amazing towel. The plastic transforms into premium polyester fibers in towel form which provide optimum drying, extreme softness, and very light weight.

For lovers of the hot summer sun who also want to do their part in protecting our great planet so we can enjoy countless more summers, this package is perfect. The One Eleven and Slowtide summer package has two unique looking and well functioning items that are helping keep our planet cleaner and safer with the recycled plastic beach towel and solar powered watch. Buy Here

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