One Wave Surf Offers Private Lessons To Help You Hang Ten In Manhattan Beach, California

Surfing is one of the most relaxing and empowering experiences and is easily one of the most exhilarating. Learning to surf, however, can be difficult. Without a knowledgeable (and patient) instructor, you can easily get discouraged and quit before you even get started. In the vast and living ocean, you need an instructor who is only there to look out for you. With One Wave Surf’s lessons, you’ll be shredding waves faster than you can saw cowabunga dude.

You’ll start your 1.5-hour private lesson on the beach with a yoga session to warm up. It doesn’t get much more hipster than that. Yoga on the beach before your surfing lesson. Instagram is begging you to take these lessons.

After warming up, your instructors will help you understand the science of surfing and the respect needed for the ocean. This may not sound that exciting, but it is an eye-opening part of the experience.

After you prepare your mind and body, you’ll take to the waves and learn how to manage your board, paddle, stand up, and ride the waves. Your lesson includes the use of some top-notch gear, all part of your lesson. You’ll be wearing a wetsuit and riding on a Suftech Softtop board, considered the best and safest for learning. If you love it, you can take another lesson and start learning some more advanced techniques. Buy Here – Get 10% Off Your IfOnly Order Using Code “THEDAILYWANT10”

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