Opinel’s Blue Folding Knife Is A Gorgeous Addition To Your Collection

Opinel Blue Folding Knife

Opinel has been making the best wooden knives on the planet for decades. This dyed blue wooden knife is a gorgeous addition to any pocket knife collection. It is also a fabulous addition to your everyday carry collection. Buy It Now

As far as tools go, it is hard to beat the durability and trustworthiness of an Opinel knife. They stand the test of time and the blades remain sharp. Due to the nature of the wooden handle, these pocket knives are remarkably light.

Opinel Blue Folding Knife

Opinel Blue Folding Knife

Until today, I hadn’t seen Opinel’s blue dyed knife but I’m suddenly in love with it. One of the first pocket knives I had back in Boy Scouts, after a Swiss Army knife, was the classic Opinel folding blade.

Standard features include a safety ring for locking the blade and a leather lanyard for attaching this knife to your belt loop or pack. Buy It Now

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