The Original Bell Jar Table Lamp Brings A Steampunk Aesthetic To Any Room

There’s something about exposed lightbulbs that can’t be matched by anything else. Whether it’s the faintly orange glow, the blinding filaments, or the hardware that surrounds it, these lights make perfect accent pieces.

This Original Bell Jar Table Lamp from Southern Lights Electric has all of those things and more. It adds a subtle steampunk aesthetic to any room. With handcrafted parts, attention to detail, and plenty of wow factor, this decorative light has it all. It isn’t just a pretty feature though. It throws off enough lumens to keep a small space well-lit with a gentle, warm glow. 

Timeless Style

This lamp combines several key features that give it a look unlike any other. A handmade solid wood base comes from a Nashville workshop and the hands of expert craftsmen. The base is topped with a rustic metal fixture that houses an exposed filament, Edison style light bulb.

Atop the bulb rests a traditional glass jar. This piece looks like something that actually could have sat on Edison’s desk. After he invented it of course.

The lamp turns off and on with an inline switch. Meanwhile, the cord’s cream-colored cloth wrapping gives it a luxurious feel over the cheap rubber cords seen today. Whether you need an accent lamp for your bookcase or a desk lamp that adds some flair, this timeless light is the way to go.

Craftsman Tradition

Southern Lights Electric was founded in 2002 by Nashville drummer Adam Gatchel. With a passion for lighting design, Gatchel began creating lamps and decorative pieces. He has grown his company to be a premier partner of countless restaurants, hotels, and custom homes around the world. That feat is impressive to say the least. It also speaks to the appeal of the lights that Gatchel makes. 

It’s their unique, timeless style along with a tradition of quality craftsmanship that makes a piece from Southern Lights Electric a must-have in your home. Buy Here


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