4 Hand-Bottled ‘Orphan Barrel’ Rare Whiskies — Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Aged 15+ Years

Orphan Barrel Whiskey

The Orphan Barrel Whiskey Company came into this world to do one thing: bring the finest aged rare whiskies to the market and treat those spirits with the care they deserve. With four flagship whiskies, Orphan Barrel doesn’t sell a single Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey that has been aged less than 15 years. Just let that sink in for a moment. While other companies are out there touting their best whiskey as ‘aged 10-years’ Orphan Barrel is typically DOUBLING that. Below I’ve pulled their flagship whiskies, all hand bottled in Tullahoma, Tennessee. Due to the nature of these whiskies it’s not uncommon for something from Orphan Barrel to hit the market only once, so if you’re interested you need to act quick or risk losing out on them forever.

Orphan Barrel Rare Whiskies, The Finest Bourbon Whiskey Around (Aged 20-Years)

Orphan Barrel Forged Oak: Aged 15 Years, 45.25% ABV

Orphan Barrel Forged Oak Rare Whiskey

This exquisite whiskey has been matured 15-years. It boasts aromas of ‘cedar, maple, and vanilla bean’, as well as notes of ‘cocoa and young berries’. Orphan Barrel describes the finish as dry and with notes of black pepper.

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The ‘Lost Prophet’ From Orphan Barrel: Aged 22 Years, 45.05 ABV

Orphan Barrel Lost Prophet Whiskey

The ‘Lost Prophet’ is a whiskey that was unearthed after aging 22 long years in ‘historic Stitzel-Weller rickhouses in Shively, Kentucky’, according to Orphan Barrel. It’s a full-bodied whiskey with aromas of ‘honey, apricot, and clove’.

Only the tiniest amount of this 22-year-old ‘Lost Prophet’ will be released to the public and it’s only hitting the market ONCE. So if you’re looking for a rare whiskey then this is the spirit for you.

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Orphan Barrel ‘Barterhouse’ American Oak-Aged Bourbon Whiskey: 20-Years Matured, 45.1% ABV

Orphan Barrel Barterhouse

The ‘Barterhouse’ American Oak-aged bourbon whiskey from Oprhan Barrel spent 20 LONG years maturing n those barrels and it is touted by Orphan Barrel producing the one of the smoothest finishes in the world. It’s tasting notes are said to include ‘ warm biscuits and buttercream, with spice and brown sugar in the finish’, which might be the single most Southern description of a whiskey I’ve ever heard.

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The Oprhan Barrel ‘Rhetoric’ Bourbon Whiskey: 20-Years Matured, 45% ABV

Orphan Barrel Rhetoric

In my opinion this is the finest offering from Orphan Barrel. The ‘Rhetoric’ boasts a 45% ABV after being matured 20 long years. It boasts tasting notes of ‘smoky, leathery nose that translates into vanilla oak, toasted rye, and dried fruits, and concludes with a long, full finish of cherry blossom and bitter chocolate’, which sounds like a wet dream. This hand-bottled whiskey continues to be bottled each year, so as it gets older the aging goes from 20 on up to 25 years, creating some of the most unique spirits around.

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