‘Meat’ the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

Nothing beats a hot dog. Whether it’s at the ballpark on a hot summer day, or in the backyard while grilling out on a cool afternoon, a hot dog always hits the spot. I’m pleased to inform you that your love of hot dogs can go even further with a stay in the iconic Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. Through Air BnB, this hot dog home is now available to rent out and nestle into only $136 a night.

27 Feet of Carnivorous Heaven

It goes without saying that this is no ordinary Air BnB. However, it may come as a surprise to know that this culinary cabin on wheels is actually no less practical or functional than the other options. With a large bed with room for two and plenty of area for lounging around, it’s got more to offer than you might think. The inside has plenty of large windows to let in loads of natural light. The decor and color of everything are very on theme and on brand with the outside of the wiener mobile. The vibrant yellows and reds will have you dreaming of all your favorite hot dog condiments.

Surely at some point you’ll decide living in a hot dog isn’t enough, and you’ll want to get some ready to eat. Oscar Mayer has got you covered once again! The mini-fridge is always stocked with hot dogs and all the essential toppings and condiments. Once you unpack the dogs, you’ll be able to cook them the only way a hot dog should ever be cooked: on the grill! This grill is an Oscar Mayer Wiener grill, so these dogs will feel right at home. All this comes with a special welcome kit for each guest, there is surely no shortage of fun here.

Let’s be frank here… taking a trip and staying in an Air BnB should be fun. And what is more fun than getting away from your normal home to live in a giant wiener? The famous and instantly recognizable Oscar Mayer Wienermobile might just be the coolest living space we’ve ever seen. So book your stay and relish in all the wiener-y goodness this place has to offer. Learn More


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