OtterBox Just Came Out With This Awesome Venture 45 Hard Cooler

If you’re like me then the first thing you think of after reading “OtterBox” is probably high strength, waterproof phone cases. Well, the same company behind those life proof cases make a lot more. One of those things happens to be coolers. As you can imagine, these coolers are built with the same strength and durability as the cases that have saved so many of our phones from breaking.

Everything in Life Should be Life Proof

Our lives can be hectic. We drop things, spill things, and do unspeakable amounts of damage to plenty of everyday items. Having items that are built to handle our clumsy selves only seems logical, right? Well, the OtterBox Venture 45 Hard Cooler is one item you can count on. This cooler is made from the strongest materials to ensure it’ll take any tumbles. It’s also just really good at being a cooler. In proper conditions, this cooler can keep ice for 2 weeks. I can’t think of a time I’d ever need to keep ice for more than 2 days.

The cooler also has a 45 quart capacity, which is more than enough for any vacations food and drink supply. The lid locks shut with tough latches to keep things from spilling even when the cooler tips. However, you shouldn’t ever tip this cooler. It has very durable handles that are easy to grip so carrying it is an ease. It also has an anti-slip rubber bottom so your cooler doesn’t go sliding off the end of a boat, or bed of a truck. With all this to protect the cooler, it should be impossible to destroy. But even if you can somehow manage to break this cooler in any way, shape, or form; they have a limited lifetime warranty. So yes, the invincible cooler can even be replaced if it is somehow damaged.

The OtterBox Venture 45 Hard Cooler is the perfect vacation cooler. It can take any hit and keep more food and drinks than you’d know what to do with. Don’t settle for a cheap cooler you know you’ll have to replace anymore. Buy Here

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