The P-51 RTR Is The Only Watch Made With Part of Vaughn Gittin Jr’s. Drift Car

Any fans of drifting will recognize the name Vaughn Gittin Jr. He is both a world champion drifter and an icon in the sport. Now you can wear a piece of his legend (and his car) on your wrist. That’s right, this badass watch features genuine carbon parts from Vaughn’s P-51 RTR. Hence the name. Oh, and this watch was made in collaboration with the legend himself.

The green and orange hands and numbing on the dial instantly catch your eye. Then it travels outward to the large carbon dial surrounding it. This, and the forged carbon/aluminum bezel are recycled directly from the body of Vaughn’s P-51 RTR. Nothing like getting to wear 900hp on your wrist.

The similarities with this watch don’t just end at recycled parts. On one side of the watch, you’ll find a feature that looks identical to the Mustang P-51 grill; including the LED vent lights. On the other side you’ll find a replica of the mustang brake lights. Finally, the stitching on the heavy-duty watch band itself is actually the roman numerals for 25, just like the RTR race number of Vaughn’s car.

This watch truly is one of a kind. Countless hours of detail-oriented work ensure that it is a perfect companion to the real P-51 and its legendary driver. Hurry and get yours soon though, there are only a few left in this limited edition collection. Buy Here

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