Protect Your Privacy With The Paladyne Drone Jammer

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing a drone flying over your private property. Whether it’s because you live in a remote location with great views or in a busy neighborhood, other people flying their drone over your space isn’t okay.

However, it is typically difficult to stop them from doing so, especially if you don’t know who is behind it. With the Paladyne Drone Jammer, that will no longer be an issue. This nifty device lets you disable drones from a distance so they can’t fly over your property any longer.

Drone Down

The Paladyne Drone Jammer automatically detects when a drone is in the area. This is a handy feature if you aren’t constantly searching the skies. When it detects that a drone is nearby, the device can be set to block its controls, GPS, and video signals.

If you’re not too concerned, or if this is the first time, you can simply block the video signal so that whoever is flying the drone has no incentive to return. If the problem is reoccurring, you can disable the drone’s navigation systems, making it so that it drifts away to land somewhere.

The Paladyne also gives you the option to intercept the drone. In other words, you could activate its “return to home” function from afar to find out where the person operating it is. This is a great way to find out who is behind the drone that is flying over your property.

With a 1km operating range, if you can see a drone, then you can stop it with the Paladyne Drone Jammer. In today’s day and age, you don’t want to leave your privacy up to chance. With this device, you’ll never have to worry about a spying drone again. Buy here

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