PancakeBot 2.0 Is A 3D Printer That Makes Your Breakfast 100x More Creative

Sure, 3D printing is awesome. You can let your creativity run wild and make whatever you want. As long as you don’t want to eat what you make. Since traditional 3D printing uses hard plastics, the final products can only be used for so much. Unlike those, the PancakeBot prints using, you guessed it, pancake batter!

Breakfast has never been more fun than with the PancakeBot 2.0. Start with the easy-to-use design software and design whatever pancake you can come up with. Historic landmarks, people’s faces, animals, unicorns, dinosaurs, the sky is the limit.

Then, download your design (or download one from online) onto the included SD card. Transfer the SD card to your personal pancake printer, select your design, and you’re ready to go.

A removable, non-stick griddle will heat up and get ready to cook. After adding batter to the tube atop the printer, it will start to print out your pancake before your eyes. You can adjust the speed of the printing and the heat of the griddle, so your breakfast comes out just how you like it. Best of all, it works with any pancake batter, which means you can use your family’s own secret recipe.

When you’re done printing/cooking, the PancakeBot is easy to clean. Just remove the griddle and easy to clean dispenser bottle. It then disassembles for simple storage in a cabinet or on the shelf. For anyone looking to put a creative spin on breakfast, or for those who are above eating plain old circle pancakes, the PancakeBot 2.0 is the way to go. Buy Here

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