Shoot Footage Or Pull Off Crazy Flip Maneuvers With The Panther Air HD Camera Drone

Panther Air HD Camera Drone

The Panther Air HD Camera Drone is a multi-purpose drone for serious enthusiasts. It’s built for pulling off crazy aerial maneuvers or shooting stunning footage. Whether you’re looking for a stable quadcopter or ultra-maneuverable drone, this is it.

The Panther Air Drone is not your average quadcopter. With its unusually large size yet light durable foam body, the Panther boasts a 4.5 channel radio control to seamlessly maneuver forward, backward, up and down, rotate, and coast laterally. Capture hi-def snapshots and video footage of the world below, and seamlessly control it all from the 2.4GHz transmitter. Last but not least, the Panther packs a major party trick with its built in 360-degree flip stunt mode so you can pull off smooth loops with just the press of a button. Buy Now

Panther Air HD Camera Drone

Panther Air HD Camera Drone

The Details:

  • 2.4GHz transmitter allows incredible range without radio interference
  • 4.5 channel radio control for full 3D flight capabilities
  • LCD display on transmitter shows signal strength, battery level, channel display, and trim display data
  • Bottom mounted adjustable camera captures imagery/video footage to micro SD card
  • Built-in gyro stabilization provides stability and agility
  • 360 degree flip stunt mode

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