Stay Safe, Comfortable, and Stylish With This Foldable Bike Helmet

It’s tough being a cyclist. Not only do you have to battle cars and pedestrians who don’t care about you or the bike lane, but there’s the whole gear situation as well. The lock, bell, safety lights, and of course, your helmet are all things you need to make sure you and your wheels are safe on the streets. There are so many rad helmets out there that provide safety, style, and comfort, but none are as sleek and portable as the foldable bike helmet from Park & Diamond. Designed in the likeness of a traditional baseball cap, a helmet has never been so incognito. It looks and feels like a baseball cap, but is as safe as a traditional helmet. It complies with the safety certification standards of the U.S., Canada, and EU.

Park & Diamond’s helmet came to fruition when co-founder David Hall’s sister was the victim of a hit and run while she was biking. The founders learned that 85,000 Americans suffered traumatic brain injuries from cycling-related accidents that year. They wanted to make cycling safer. After three years of development and testing, the foldable bike helmet was born. It has won several awards and recognitions since its development, including the 2017 Top 15 Start-ups of the Year from Tech.Co, 2017 winner of the Red Bull Launchpad, and 2018 winner of the Edison Awards.

Ultimate protection

Three years of development and testing means safety you can trust. Advanced engineering and patented protective materials takes this helmet to next level protection. Traditional bike helmets cause bounce and the EPS foam protective material used in most helmets releases any impact energy back to your head, increasing likelihood of injury. Park & Diamond developed protective material that absorbs and dissipates three times more elastic energy than traditional bike helmets. That means less energy transferred to the head whenever there’s impact. Not only do you get the protection you need, but there’s no sacrificing comfort and style either. Park & Diamond marries all the important needs of an urban cyclist in their innovative helmet. No bulk, but just as safe. The easy fasten buckle makes it quick to clip your helmet in and out.

Portable, comfortable, breathable, and stylish

The helmet is like no other in that you can easily fold it down and store it in your backpack or even a large coat pocket. It comes in a custom water bottle-sized case that you can also use to store the helmet. The multilayer design with 3D mesh fabric, EVA foam, polycarbonate shell, and a proprietary composite layer gives you superior comfort and protection. Breathability is enhanced by 250 micro-vents, so during those warmer months or even at triple digit temperatures, your hair and head will stay dry. UV protection and antimicrobial fabric protect you from harsh rays, bacteria, and viruses.

The helmets have adjustable sizing and a wide selection of colors to choose from. Helmet skins are available in black, gray, tan, navy, and maroon. Colors like arctic white, green, yellow, beige, salmon, and teal/ aquamarine will run you a little more. Skins are interchangeable so you can easily switch up your look or replace one when the other is in the wash. Rock this helmet and stay safe on your bike, skateboard, scooter, hoverboard, roller skates, and more! The helmet is available in S-XL adult sizes. Buy Here


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