Relax Like a Greek God on This Parthenon Floatie

With the unease toward travel and in some cases, restrictions, summer’s not looking like what many of us expected months ago. But summer can’t be a total bummer and there are plenty of ways to relax and enjoy the sun responsibly. While keeping in mind social distancing and limits on group sizes, you can have small gatherings in say, a backyard barbecue or a day at the park. A road trip to a nearby state park or lake is always a solid casual vacation idea, pandemic or not. However, it’s a million times more amazing to be able to hit the outdoors after being cooped up inside for lockdown. It’s a godsend to be away from the panic and uncertainty, even for just a weekend. 

Keep cool and relaxed

If you’re able to get to a body of water, bring back the worry-free days of summer past and get yourself a floatie. No, this isn’t your standard donut floatie. A giant, inflatable replica of the Parthenon from World of Watersports is your new best friend for summer gatherings. Part fun in the water, part imaginary trip to Greece, it’ll be like you’re in your private Greek spa.

Float down a river or lake in this colossal floatie, which seats 6-8 riders, a perfect group size for those social distancing! There are high backrests for comfort and reclining. The fully shaded floating island is easy to assemble and navigate. You can also tie it off to any pier or buoy with the large grommet and anchor bag. The Parthenon floatie is made with high quality, marine-grade, heavy duty pvc for durability, strength, and longevity. It features a boarding platform for easy entrance and exit. It also has a large central cooling hole to dip your feet in the water or you can dive in as the center of attention. There are eight cup holders to keep your favorite drinks sturdy as you relax. The floatie is easy to install  and inflates and deflates easily. This centerpiece for your summer fun costs $499.99. Buy Here

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