Patagonia Beer Is Running Wild

Patagonia has a few different beers for sale but today we are going to focus on their long root wit beer. We are sure that the beer enthusiasts are getting excited and everyone else is wondering why we spelled white wrong. Let us help you understand what is going on. Does Belgian style Witbeir ring a bell? If the answer is still no then imagine a beer brewed with coriander and orange peel for some brighter notes. If you’re still not sure what we are talking about…Blue Moon. It’s like a Blue Moon.

All About That Grain

So, what makes Patagonia long root wit different? Well it all starts with the grain. Kernza was developed by the lovely grain growers at The Land, not to be confused with the other Land, Cleveland! The Land is a science based, non-profit, research facility located in Kansas. They are currently working on a way to grow and harvest grains more sustainably compared to the traditional way.

The organization was founded by Wes Jackson and has played a huge part in developing Kernza. Together they were able to make a unique flavor profile in a grain that thrives off the existing top soil without the need for tilling. Kernza also needs less water than the traditional grain and feeds off the carbon dioxide in the air. So, when you pour a glass of long root wit from Patagonia, you can get another ready knowing that you’re doing good for the environment. But don’t get us wrong, it tastes great too.

Great Pairing Opportunity

Enough about the root though let’s talk about the beer. Patagonia recommends drinking this root wit beer with salmon. Whether that salmon is smoked, on a pizza, or in a salad it will test even better with this citrus beer. Other sources also recommend any other seafood, because the citrus flavor really compliments the complexity, or “fishiness” as us normal people call it. If you want something different, witbeirs also pair well with cheese. Cheeses like mild goat cheese are best.

In case you didn’t need more of a reason to drink good beer, or any beer, Patagonia’s long root wit beer helps save the environment. That’s right, you could be ecofriendly just by sitting back cracking open a cold one. I know I said I was done talking about the grains, but you’re going to want to read this. Kernza only stands about four feet off the ground. So why is it called “long root” then? Well, the root part that actually grows in the earth can extend up to 10 feet long.

Where can you get this ecofriendly delicious beer? Well, they are a small company who makes the beer in small batches so it can be somewhat elusive. Just like Bigfoot, the Chupacabra, and Werewolves, Patagonia beer can only be found during the full moon. Just kidding! The company has beer buying stations all over California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington.

So next time you’re about to open up that Blue Moon just think about how you could be saving the environment with a beer that tastes even better. Buy Here


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