Patagonia Provisions Makes Finding Healthy and Sustainable Snacks Easy

Patagonia may be known for their sustainable outdoor clothing and gear, but their mission has expanded to new frontiers: food. How do you know the food you’re eating is sustainably sourced? Patagonia Provisions sells high-quality, delicious food that makes a positive change in the food industry. Their website has detailed information on the sourcing of a lot of their ingredients. From grass-fed buffalo to organic buckwheat, you’ll know where your food came from. Products are sold as individual packs, sample sets, or gift sets. Everything on the menu is good for you! Enjoy hot cereal, fruit and nut bars, buffalo jerky, mussels, soups, and even beer.

It’s easy to upgrade your camping snacks and meals with Patagonia Provisions. The snacks are compact, easy to make, and perfect for travel. You can even cook soup and oatmeal quickly for when you need more filling meals—all you need is boiled water! You don’t need to compromise a good deal for quality. The products are all about the same price you’d spend at a supermarket, but you get the added benefit of knowing it’s all sustainably sourced. Every food lover and outdoor adventurer should have Patagonia Provisions in their backpack or pantry. Buy Here



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