Pebble Beach Golf Course: Erik Anders Lang Attempts to Break90 on a US Open Course

While the term ‘exciting golf’ may sound like an oxymoron to some, this is what keep most golfers so invested in the game. Pebble Beach Golf Course and it’s tricky and unique layout make for some very exciting golf. Golfer or not, there is no denying the beauty of this course. The entire course basically forms a peninsula with cliff edges that jets out into the ocean. With rocky drops, tricky sandtraps, and water on nearly all sides, there is a lot to negotiate here. Even the pros have a tricky time at Pebble Beach, so just imagine an amateur trying to break 90 on this crazy course.

Erik Anders Lang: Can He Beat 90

While calling Lang an amateur may be a bit of a stretch, he is still not on the same level as the usual golfers at Pebble Beach. For context, the best pros can slide their way into the 60’s with their score. This is virtually impossible for anyone who isn’t a paid, touring professional. Even to a frequent golfer like Lang, shooting under 90 is quite the feat. While playing on the US Open layout he set a goal to make it under that 90 mark. This course is easy on the eyes, but not on the swing. Its unforgiving nature makes it very hard to recover from misplaced shots and mistakes. Lang certainly had his work cut out for him when he tee’d off.

To start the 18 hole journey Lang let a few misplaced balls set him a ways off his goal. To get under 90 he’d have to shoot +18 or better. At the 9th hole, he was already shooting +12. If my calculator reads correctly that’s on pace for a +24 total score. He put his head down, got to work, and battled his way back to a +17 coming into the 18th and final hole. In an amazing strike of irony and coincidence, he finished the day with a +19, meaning he shot exactly 90. While he didn’t necessarily meet his goal, it’s certainly a respectable finish, and he literally couldn’t have come any closer! Heres to next time, Lang.