Pelican Cooler Sling: The Ultimate Adventure Cooler

Nothing beats finishing a long hike, wrapping up a volleyball game on the beach, or ending a bike ride with a cool drink. As true as this may be, trudging along with a big and bulky cooler is never really worth the effort. Besides quick walks to the beach or short drives to the park, coolers aren’t quite practical enough to bring along on all your adventures. The Pelican Cooler Sling is here to combat that belief. Believe them or not, these coolers are practical, useful, and probably more adventure capable than most people.

What Makes This Cooler Adventure-Ready

Lets cut to the chase. This cooler is strong, durable, and puncture-proof. ‘How is that?’ Great question. This cooler is made from 840D double-coated TPU. This is fancy science lingo for saying the material is strong enough to resist punctures, pokes, bumps, and anything else you can throw at it. The zipper covering has a watertight seal along the inside of it, keeping your waters, sports drinks, beers, and teas safe and sound. Once zipped up the insulated cooler walls will keep all contents at a stable temperature. Whether you fill this bad boy with ice and drinks, or hot containers of food, they will stay just as they are.

Now all this is nice, but how is it adventure-ready? The Pelican Cooler Sling (as the name might indicate) comes with a strap- or a sling as you may call it, so you can put it over your shoulder or on your bike wherever you go. The size and shape of the cooler make it easy to lug around and also very stable on nearly all surface to keep it from toppling over.

Most of my trips into the wilderness, long walks, or adventures typically are only accompanied by one or two water bottles in my backpack. With the Pelican Cooler Sling, bringing all your drinks and snacks of choice will be a breeze. Going hungry or thirsty on the trails no longer has to be an option, so why risk it? Buy Here

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