The Penance Game Will Send You And Your Friends Directly To Hell

Do not pass go, do not collect $200. It’s straight to hell with you if you and your friends dare to play the hilarious Penance Game. Take control of each other’s social media, texting, and real-life actions. If you refuse, you lose. Can you imagine what could happen? Nope, that’s why you have to buy the game and play to find out.

The Penance Game is perfect for any number of players, so it’s great for parties (as long as you’re okay with hating everyone after). It includes 200 challenges and 100 double-sided cards with clever artwork and penalties. Below are just a few of the painful penances you might be unfortunate enough to be given:

“Allow the Penance Master (Okay, timeout. That’s a really cool name. I want to be the Penance Master. Okay, carry on.) to like the first picture on any Instagram account you follow.”

“The Penance Master can choose any of your contacts and send the message: Roses are red, poetry is rude. Send me a selfie, maybe a nude. (Mind you there is no context given)”

“You will behave like a well-behaved dog for 10 seconds while the Penance Master posts the video to your Snapchat story.”

See why you’re going to hell now? Good luck having any friends still after playing this game. And you probably shouldn’t ever text that one person again. You know, the one that you asked for a nude with a terribly cheesy poem? Yeahhh, might as well go ahead and delete that contact. Buy Here

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