PenSimple Is The Trendy And Easy Way To Grind, Store, And Dispense Your Own Herb

With the PenSimple, you can take your herb on the go, grind them easily at home, and dispense only what you need. Does it get more modern than this?

Sure, you could grind your own herbs by hand, but then you’re left with a mess. Plus, that’s no fun. The high-tech PenSimple lets you grind your favorite flavoring plants in style. All you have to do is load your fresh herbs into the top of the grinder. Then, rotate the top to manually grind them up. Or, use the included funnel to pack pre-ground herbs into the storage chamber for transport or easy dispensing. You can leave the PenSimple in three different modes: full size, maximum storage, or grind-only.

Depending on which mode you choose, your herbs will be stored in the built-in storage chamber or directly dispensed. The chamber can hold up to 4 teaspoons of your favorite seasonings. Then, the herbs are only dispensed when you push the button. They precisely funnel out of the tip of the pen and into your bowl or vaporizer. PenSimple lets you get to blazing with ease.  Buy Here



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