Grind, Store and Dispense Herbs with PenSimple

Stepping up your weed game? Look no further than the innovative and sleek PenSimple by JAEB Design. True to its name, this electric herb dispenser and grinder makes your herb prep simple. Grind, store and dispense all in a simple, sleek pen. It doesn’t get easier than this! The pen has an intuitive vertical design and is made of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, so it’s lightweight and extremely durable. It has a soft-touch finish that makes it comfortable to handle. The pen is 7” long and is compact enough to fit into your jacket pocket or bag to use whenever and wherever.

Using PenSimple is, well, simple. Press down on the magnetic grinder lid on the top of the pen and twist back and forth to grind. Your herbs will automatically fall into the storage chamber.  Store up to 3 grams of your favorite ground herbs! When you’re ready to load a bowl or vape, press and hold the button to dispense the ground herbs through the pen’s tip. It’s never been easier to precisely dispense your herbs. Just point and shoot! PenSimple is spill proof. Your precious herbs will always be safely tucked in the storage chamber. The only way they’re getting out is when you dispense them. The pen charges via a micro-USB and a full charge can give you between 50-100 dispenses. When it’s time for some well-needed R&R, you’ll want the PenSimple by your side. Buy Here

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