Make Dark Jamaican Rum At Home With The Personalized Outlaw Kit


With the Personalized Outlaw Kit, you can make Dark Jamaican Rum at home from grain alcohol or moonshine. The Personalized Outlaw Kit is a white oak barrel used for aging spirits. This kit comes with everything you need to make your very own Dark Jamaican Rum from the comfort of your man cave. The rum you’ll be making is a molasses-based spirit based on Jamaica’s traditional pot-still method.

From start to finish, everything about this kit is customizable. You can choose your own Name, Location, and Year to have etched onto the white oak barrel. Before you start using the barrel you add (the included) Skeeter’s Reserve Premium Essence. After that, you add moonshine, neutral rail vodka, or grain alcohol and you’ll have Jamaican Dark Rum in no time.

The Personalized Outlaw Kit white oak barrel will last for 8 long years. In that time you’ll be able to make countless batches of delicious rum using the 21 flavors this kit comes with. Included in the Personalized Outlaw Kit are the white oak barrel, spigot, aging stand, bung, funnels, cleaning kit, and more. The white oak barrels come in 1-liter, 2-liter, 3-liter, or 10-liter sizes. This will make an absolutely perfect Christmas gift for yourself or a loved one. Buy Now




The Details:

  • Distill your own Jamaican Dark Rum at home with the Personalized Outlaw Kit
  • Kit comes with white oak barrel and everything you need
  • Experiment with 21 exciting flavors to create a truly unique Dark Rum

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