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The end of the year means sales, holiday feasts, vacations, and of course, New Year’s resolutions. As gyms get flooded with newly minted fitness buffs and Trader Joe’s queues get longer with people looking to tackle Whole 30 in the new year, consider a hobby for your 2019 New Year’s resolution. Learn and master capturing all your funny, amazing, and precious moments throughout the new year and beyond with a photography class! You can flood your friends’ feeds with high-res shots of your vacation in the Maldives, intimate portraits of your furbaby deep in thought, and obviously, your impossibly stacked ice cream cone against a brick wall. Soon you’ll be the go-to person for LinkedIn profile pictures, actor headshots, Etsy shops, Christmas cards, and everything in between.

Start getting creative with CreativeLive

Life gets busy, so when can you make time to take a photography class? No more excuses because CreativeLive’s online platform makes it easy to start getting creative! CreativeLive broadcasts live classes ranging from painting and photography to day-to-day practices like time management and living a happy life. You can fuel your passion, master your craft, or start something new. CreativeLive has offered over two billion minutes of course instruction since 2010. You’ll find inspiration from students, pros, influencers, and more who will help you on your path as a creator. One class can change everything. Millions of students have used CreativeLive to answer their creative calling and 69.1K have learned from John Greengo’s Fundamentals of Photography course. With 100% of students recommending the class, you’ll master the technical basics of the camera and learn how to bring your creative vision to life.

John Greengo is an award-winning photographer specializing in outdoor and travel photography. He has over three decades of experience and uses his understanding of the industry, tools, techniques, and the art of photography to teach students all over the world. He uses a blend of illustrations, animations, and photographs to make learning photography engaging, easy, and fun.

107 lessons to get you on track

This class will help you build a strong foundation for your photography. It might even set you on the course to join the ranks of top photographers like Annie Leibovitz, famous for her portraiture and distinct style, and Ansel Adams, known for his breathtaking nature photographs. The class emphasizes quality visuals and experiential learning. John will teach you to think critically about your goals, motivations, and process. You’ll learn to be aware of the difference between what the human eye sees and what the camera sensor catches. The class will help you use your equipment to its greatest potential and grow your technical and creative skills. There are 107 total lessons in this course and quizzes in between to test what you’ve learned. Some of the things you’ll learn are:

  • How to use manual mode to create a striking image, including shutter speed, aperture, and image composition
  • Taking photographs in natural light, during the Golden Hour, and at twilight
  • How to choose the right gear and accessories
  • Post-production skills such as importing, cropping, removing distractions, subject placement, and the Rule of Odds

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