Pick-Up Pool Turns The Bed Of Your Truck Into A Pool Party

Sure, throwing some trash bags in the bed of your truck and filling it with water is pretty redneck. But, the instant way to turn redneck things into normal things is to have the right piece of gear actually made for doing what you’re trying to do. That’s the case when it comes to this item. The Pick-up Pool automatically turns your truck into a pool party. And yes, that’s what it’s made for.

Some of the best times for swimming in the pool often occur when you don’t have access to one. For example, camping, hot tailgate parties, or an RV park. This nifty piece of equipment means you can have a pool anywhere you can take your truck.

The durable 20 mil PVC plastic of this liner stands up to the stress on it and won’t rip or leak. It also hugs the sides of your truck bed, so you don’t need to worry about attaching ropes or bungees. Then, just add water. You, your kids, even the dog will love having a pool at all times. When the fun is done, use the convenient drain that allows you to empty the water without lowering the tailgate. Or, just drop that sucker and enjoy the waterfall effect that happens.

While this item is awesome, it isn’t recommended that you drive your truck while the pool is filled. The uneven, heavy weight of the water will affect your vehicle’s handling. While its still though, have a splash! Buy Here


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