The Tiny PiCO Bottle Opener Is Made Of Grade 5 Titanium

PiCo bottle opener

The PiCo bottle opener is the tiniest keychain tool on the market. It might also be the most powerful. This mini tool can hold 164,000 times its own weight. Sitting on your key ring you’ll never notice it, but it can open any bottle anytime.

A bottle opener is just a practical thing to have on your keychain. However, they’re often so bulky they make your pockets heavy and become a hassle when you’re fishing for your keys. Pangea Designs’ PiCO bottle opener is the world’s smallest keychain bottle opener, coming in at the size of a penny. Made from Grade 5 titanium, it can hold items weight up to up to hundreds of thousands times its own weight and the innovative design makes it easy to pop a bottle in a jiffy. Buy Now

PiCo bottle opener

PiCo bottle opener

The Details:

  • Premium materials make the PiCO tougher than any bottle cap
  • Fits conveniently on your keychain without taking up excess space
  • Comes w/ its own heavy duty stainless steel key ring

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