PicoBrew Pico U Can Make Beer, Coffee, Tea, Soda, Horchata, And More

Who knew you could make so many drinks with only one machine! I certainly didn’t, until I stumbled upon the Pico U from PicoBrew that is. After doing some research I learned that the brewing process for most drinks is actually the same. It involves pouring hot water over the necessary ingredients in a precise manner, and voila, you have a beverage. The Pico U is built to make all your favorite drinks in one easy-to-use machine.

Measuring in at the size of a drip coffee machine or Keurig, the Pico U is perfect for any counter. To start, use a PikoPak, the company’s prepackaged sets of ingredients for making perfect drinks. (These are a lot like Keurig’s K-Cups). The project is currently killing it on Kickstarter, with over $400,000 of a $50,000 goal raised. They promise to have hundreds of ingredient packages ready to go when the product launches and an option to order your own custom ingredient packs online.

Using no accessories, you can make single-serve 6oz and 12oz portions of coffee or tea. When you attach the included glass pitcher and mini-step filter, you can make 48oz servings of coffee, tea, horchata, dry soda (external carbonation machine needed), and other brewed drinks. Then, with the large-step filter and included brew keg, you can make 1.3 gallons of cold brew drinks, as well as beer after some fermentation.

Using precise levels of steam injection heating, the machine ensures that all parts of the drink receive the correct amount of heat. You can access up to four stages of infusion, allowing delicate flavors of the drink to show without overheating. While you can’t get it yet, you can preorder your Pico U at a discounted price over at Kickstarter. You’ll definitely want to make homemade drinks all the time. Sorry, bars. Learn More

pico brew u

pico brew u

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