Piggyback Rider Scout Model Is A Dad Saddle For Carrying Your Kids Around

Let’s all agree that kids get anything they want. Too tired to keep walking? You end up picking them up and carrying them or pushing a stroller around. Go to Disney they said, it would be fun they said. Well, since kids aren’t going to change and piggyback rides aren’t going away anytime soon, you should at least do it in comfort. Although they’ll think the Piggyback Rider Scout is for them, it’s really for you. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

Instead of the usual piggyback technique where your kid wraps their arms around your neck and strangles you, the Piggyback Rider Scout rebalances the weight and keeps those tiny hands away from your neck. Oh, it also keeps them strapped in so you don’t have to worry about them falling off in the middle of Magic Kingdom.

First, strap on your new saddle just like a backpack. It weighs just 3 pounds, so you won’t even know you’re wearing it. Well, until your kid climbs onto it. They step onto the footrest and then a small harness keeps them securely in the pack.

It is best for children less than 50 pounds, but high-quality climbing parts mean that the gear will carry more if you can. RIP your back. Just kidding. With this bad boy, you’ll be able to comfortably carry the kiddos around all day. They’ll love the height advantage of your shoulders and you’ll love not having to hear how tired they are. Buy Here


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