Plantation Rum Gives Your Taste Buds A Glimpse Of Barbados

There’s no rum-like Plantation rum. Don’t believe that? Let me tell you why. You don’t have to be a wine drinker to feel elegant with this one. Plantation rum is aged in American oak barrels to give it a little extra boost of pride with those woody, nutty flavors.

It is left in the barrels for three to four years because Plantation wants only the best for you and your taste buds. If that isn’t enough of a palate for you, the rum ages for another one to two years in a Ferrand French cask to give it more of a nutmeg flavor.

Here For A Good Time, Maybe Not A Long Time

It is going to be hard to keep this rum around for long. Plantation Barbados rum is 40% alcohol per volume. The raw material is Barbados molasses which is fermented for three to four days. Meanwhile, distillation takes place with the twin column and pot still method.

Tropical aging takes three to four years to get this magnitude of flavor. On top of that, continental aging takes another one to two years.

Bark Bigger Than Its Bite

This rum has a very earthy, woody flavor to dazzle your taste buds. You can experience this rum with two of your five senses. First, you can experience it with your nose. Once you open the bottle you are greeted with the smell of a French bakery. After enjoying the bakery scent, you’ll smell the tobacco undertones and toasted marshmallows straight off of the campfire.

If you’re paying close enough attention, you can even smell the prunes, raisins, and bacon fat. Now for the taste! On its journey from the front of the mouth to the back, you will experience a bittersweet taste, fruit flavors, and chocolatey finish.

Whether you need to whip up a few Mai Tais or just need a new rum to spice up your liquor cabinet (pun intended), Plantation 5-year is an excellent choice that you won’t regret. Learn More

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