PlayStation 5 Console Rumored To Be Arriving Next Year

PlayStation 5 Console Rumors Report

The E3 gaming conference is next month and rumors are swirling that a PlayStation 5 console is on the way. Console gamers are certain to be split on this announcement, with some angry and some overjoyed.

The current PlayStation console, the PlayStation 4 (Pro and Slim), has only been on the market since November 2013. A report in the Wall Street Journal indicates that a PlayStation 5 console will arrive by the end of 2018. This means the lifespan of the PlayStation 4 will only be 5 years compared to the 10 year run of the PlayStation 3.

Some gamers see this as a play by Sony to squeeze more profits from a userbase who are committed to PlayStation gaming. This notion brings up the possibility of backward compatibility between PS3 and PS4 games while introducing new hardware and features.

For its part, Sony has stayed silent on these rumors. They only announced the PlayStation 4 a little more than 2 months before it went on sale. However, the report in the Wall Street Journal comes from an industry insider with a proven track record in these situations.

PlayStation 5 Console Rumors Report

The news of a PlayStation 5 console was almost a footnote in the WSJ‘s report about Sony’s earnings. However, the news has since circulated like wildfire throughout the Gaming industry.

Some gamers will be ready for the next generation Sony PlayStation console while others will feel betrayed. Nobody wants to believe that Sony is holding their hobbies ransom by demanding money for a new console ever few years.

It’s unclear if the forthcoming PlayStation 5 will be a complete console overhaul or a slight hardware upgrade. It is possible that Sony will introduce some VR functionality, and change the overall layout of the machine. At this point, however, everything is speculation until Sony confirms the PlayStation 5 console will arrive by the end of 2018.

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