PlayStation 5’s DualSense Wireless Controller Brings Gaming To The Next Generation

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost seven years since the PS4 came out. Many gamers remember it like yesterday. Now, the PS5 is almost here. Sony is preparing to release its next-gen console this holiday season.

In the meantime, it just revealed the all-new controller for the PS5. Dubbed the DualSense, it has a sleek form factor and will replace the widely loved DualShock 4. Sony is looking to expand on its success with the new controller.

Love That Look

At first glance, the new DualSense controller looks very much like a sci-fi contraption. It also resembles a mashup between the old DualShock 4 and the Xbox One controller. The white color almost certainly indicates that we’ll be seeing a white PS5 at launch. It also gives the new controller a sleeker feel.

In essence, the DualSense retains much of what made the DualShock 4 so great while wrapping it up in a different form factor.

It features curvier sides that look like they’ll fit nicely in the palm of your hand as you grip the controller. Meanwhile, the light has been moved from the back of the controller to a hidden place under the touchpad on the front. This might be a bit annoying when you’re playing in a dark room, but there will hopefully be an option to dim the brightness.

New Features

There are a couple of notable additions to the controller. For one, Sony has added haptic feedback. This will allow gamers to become even more immersed in their favorite titles. The company notes that players can feel things like the grittiness of driving a car through mud.

The DualSense also includes adaptive triggers for the L2 and R2 buttons. This means that players will feel the tension of different actions. In other words, drawing a bow and pulling a trigger in-game will feel different.

Thanks to its exciting features and sleek new design, the DualSense controller should be a joy to play with. We can’t wait to try it out when the PS5 drops later this year. Learn more