The Plazmatic VEO Flameless USB Lighter Is Weather-Proof And Eco-Friendly

Plazmatic VEO Flameless USB Lighter

The Plazmatic VEO flameless lighter is vastly superior to store bought plastic lighters. The Plazmatic VEO is USB rechargeable and one charge lasts 50 to 100 lights. This lighter is weatherproof and built to withstand the elements. This is the perfect travel and camping lighter.

Plazmatic VEO’s patented design makes it capable of lighting nearly anything, making it the most versatile lighter ever. With a wide lighting surface, cylindrical head, and push-button ignition, you’ll be able to light candles, incense, glassware, and more with complete ease. Stop wasting disposable lighters, this one is butane-free, blazing hot, totally rechargeable, and here to stay. Buy Here

Plazmatic VEO Flameless USB Lighter

Plazmatic VEO Flameless USB Lighter

The Details:

  • Eco-friendly, butane-free, & easy to use
  • Windproof & flameless so the elements won’t stop it
  • USB rechargeable in one hour for quick reuse
  • One charge lasts 50-100 lights
  • Easy to clean & maintain

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