Relieve Your Back Pain in Less Than 5 Minutes With the Plexus Wheel+

Just like “don’t get in the car with strangers” and other life lessons from our parents, we’ve always been taught to sit up straight. As we spend more and more time sitting in front of screens, whether it’s in the office or at home on a Netflix binge, our posture continues to suffer. Whereas standing desks are a solution in the office, it’s not a viable alternative in other parts of our lives. A tough workout, heavy backpack, and just sleeping in a weird position can be hurting your back too. These daily activities can cause your spine to compress, straining your discs, and aggravating your nerve roots. Scar tissue build-up, muscle spasms, and limited joint movement also go hand in hand with a strained back.

While there are ways to fix these day-to-day issues that are killing your back, like having better form or lightening your load, how do you relieve the back pain that’s already there or keeps cropping up? The Plexus Wheel+ is your quick and easy solution. The Wheel+ touts relief from back pain in less than five minutes a day.

Different sizes for different needs

The Wheel+ looks like any other yoga wheel, but something so simple does so much. It comes in three sizes with different levels of pressure and can be used by all ages and fitness levels, including pregnant women and the elderly. The Wheel+ is safe and stable and can hold up to 500 lbs.


The 6” small wheel is great for deep tissue pressure. It corrects posture and is great for your neck, back, and legs. You can target deep knots and at 1 lb, the small is great to travel with. You can also place it behind your back and sit against it while at your desk.


The 10” medium wheel is the perfect in-between. It gives medium pressure and can be used against the wall. The medium is good for your back and hips and massages any tension away. This is a great option to have at the office.


The largest version has a 12” diameter and is the gentlest variance—great for beginners. It gives gentle pressure and is easy on the entire spine. Use the 12” wheel on your upper and lower back. Its larger size makes it perfect for the home.

Whatever size you choose, the Wheel+ can expand your chest, strengthen your core, massage your arms and legs, and open your hips. The wheels target pain between the shoulder blades in your upper back and can help align the spine and release tightness in your lower back. The Wheel+ is a great asset for those suffering from bulging discs, sciatica, or scoliosis. It helps keep the joints mobile, reducing the side effects of scoliosis. It also releases pinched nerves. Using the wheel opens up the vertebrae and strengthens the surrounding muscles as well, helping and preventing bulging discs. The wheels also help alleviate pressure placed on the sciatic nerve, stopping the pain that shoots down your back through your legs.

Easy to use

The Wheel+ is as easy to use as it looks. Sit on the ground and place the wheel behind your back, lift your butt off the ground, and roll! Easy. You control the pressure on your back by selecting the wheel size best for your needs and the amount of body weight you choose to apply. Use the wheel for less than five minutes a day and start to see what over 100,000 original Plexus Wheel customers love about this product! Relieve your daily aches and pains with the 3 Wheel Pack, which includes one wheel of each size and pressure level. Buy Here


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