This Pocket Samurai Sword Titanium Knife Is One Of The Coolest EDC Knives Around

Pocket Samurai

Samurai swords are quite badass. And they are known for their extreme strength, sharpness and durability. Stat Gear has designed these titanium Pocket Samurai knives to mimic those traits. Finally, an everyday carry samurai sword! It’s what we’ve always wanted since 20 minutes ago when we first realized it was a thing that existed.

The Pocket Samurai is made from titanium with a 440C stainless steel razor sharp Tanto blade, it includes a keyring loop and stainless steel pocket clip so you can carry it the way you like. Weighing in at less than a single ounce, the blade is 50mm x 9.5mm x 2.84mm and easy to conceal when folded. Buy It Now

Pocket Samurai

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