This Nostalgic Concept Imagines the Apple Watch as the Classic iPod

We can never get enough nostalgia. From Throwback Thursday and Facebook Memories to the return of the SNES and Seinfeld reruns, we’re hooked on blasts from the past. Even something as modern as technology doesn’t quite escape the clutches of nostalgic influence. As tech evolves, naturally so do the designs. Take the Sidekick or Moto RAZR, both popular phones in the early 2000s. You’d be hard pressed today to find phones that aren’t phablets or have bezel-less screens. Yet brands like Samsung and Huawei are bringing foldable phones back in style in 2019, albeit much more advanced than their predecessors of decades past. Taking from the past can work.

Apple’s iconic look

Apple, however, has consistently been more reserved in changes to their designs. Their products always had a distinct look and feel that was unmistakably Apple. The Classic iPod, introduced in 2001, was a huge hit. The generations that followed it all shared a similar design. One signature design element was the scroll wheel, used to control your music, shuffle through songs, and toggle the volume. As Apple updated the designs with the iPod nano, Shuffle, and finally Touch, the wheel was slowly phased out. Now we’re all about the screen, utilizing almost 100% of screen real estate in all our gadgets. But even as far as tech has come, sometimes you can’t help but hold on to those tiny bits of nostalgia.

Something old, something new

Joyce Kang of C.O Design Lab. brings the 2000s back to us with an Apple Watch Series 4 silicone case concept. The Pod Case’s design is based off the Classic iPod, wheel and all. Not unlike those Gameboy phone cases we’ve all seen, the Pod Case brings together something modern with something classic. Kang’s clever design shows what the Apple Watch could look like as a more pocketable, touchscreen device.

The flexible silicone case fits the Apple Watch Series 4 snugly and allows access to the digital crown and side button. The wheel doesn’t actually work and is simply a design element and nod to the Classic iPod. You can obviously Kang has won several awards including the Spark Design Award in 2016 and 2017, the 2017 IDEA Award, and 2017 WEEE Awards. On Behance, the Pod Case is also credited to Caseology, a company already at the forefront of cases and covers for smartphones and other devices.

Throwback design

Whether it’s Pandora, Spotify, Soundcloud, or Apple Music, your phone or smartwatch is your personal DJ. We use our devices to listen to music all the time, so the Apple Watch in a iPod-like case isn’t too far fetched. It did work vice versa. True pioneers of their time, many Apple fans have sported iPod nanos on their wrists well before the Apple Watch. The nano 6G, which debuted in 2010, featured a small 1.5-inch touchscreen, apps, and 18 clock faces. Wrist straps were designed to fit the micro iPod and it really didn’t look too far different from the Apple Watches today, save for the tech and specs. The Pod Case is such a wonderful mix of old and new. Many people would pay just for that throwback factor. Too bad it’s not real. Learn More


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