Polaroid Lab: A Classic Name Bringing Some Exciting New Photography Tech

Polaroid: Without specifying what we’re talking about this name already brings a few things to mind. I’m sure you’re thinking of the classic Polaroid cameras with the photos that print out. While shaking pictures while awaiting the reveal is definitely a fond memory for many of us, Polaroid has done much more. In fact, their newest development is quite groundbreaking. This new Polaroid Lab is bringing the company to the forefront of modern photo printing tech.

What Polaroid Does Best, but Better

This Polaroid Lab is something the market has never seen before. With this product, you can get physical prints of any photo on your phone incredibly easily. All you have to do is set your phone on top with the desired picture up, then click the big red button. Simple as that. The machine does the rest and prints out a high-quality copy of the image. Not only is this cool for the fact that it’s a new and easy to use product that’ll change photography… but it is reminiscent of the companies past. Think about it. Their original instant camera was so popular because it was a simple new way to quickly print the pictures you take.

This new device is fascinating for the same reason. The pictures you take or save to your phone can be made into real prints to file into the photo albums or pin on the wall. This device would be cool regardless of the maker, but it being a Polaroid makes it that much better.

Polaroid is most widely recognized as the makers of the instant camera. While this is nothing to be ashamed of, they have done plenty of other things. This new Polaroid Lab brings their name to the cutting edge of photography tech once again; all while building off of what made their older gear so great. Buy Here



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