This Instant Camera Gives You a Classic Polaroid Experience With Modern Touches

Who doesn’t love a Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday? Everyone loves the good ol’ days and the revival of classic tech, games, cars, and everything in between is proof of that. While phone cameras are getting better, there’s nothing like classic film or Polaroids. The Polaroid OneStep+ is an instant camera inspired by the OneStep from 1977, but with more ways to connect and play. The camera connects to the Polaroid Originals app on your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, unlocking six tools. Next-level tools and features like light painting, double exposure, a remote trigger, and manual mode give this camera a lot of creative options. The manual setting in the app lets you set the shutter time, exposure, and more.

The OneStep+ comes with two lens options: portrait and landscape. Toggle between them with the switch on the top of the camera. The camera also has a powerful flash and long-lasting battery, so you can shoot anywhere at any time. The 1100mAh battery can be charged via the included USB cable. A neck strap is also included, so you’ll be ready for on-the-go shoots. A tripod mount at the camera’s base gives you stability and for those selfie moments when you’re solo. The OneStep+ is a great camera for those looking for the perfect balance between retro and modern. Buy Here

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