Polymega: A Gaming Time Machine in a Modern Package

Sometimes you just can’t beat the classics. The love of retro gaming is at a high and not slowing down. The successful relaunch of the NES Classic last month show that gamers can’t get enough of retro games. But how would you play all the classics if you lost your Genesis or your mom sold your NES at a yard sale?  Polymega is your solution with a new way to play! The system will give you a modern gaming experience with all your favorite classic games. Polymega uses “Hybrid Emulation” and interchangeable interfaces, or “Element Modules,” as some of your favorite consoles. The system is compatible with games for PS1, NES, SNES, Genesis, Neo Geo, TurboGrafx-16 and more. And say goodbye to constant lagging and subpar quality—you’ll play your favorites in 1080p HD!

Polymega is easy to set up. Just insert a module, plug in a game and the controller and welcome that sweet nostalgia! The included Polymega Wireless Bluetooth Controller works with all modules and fits comfortable in your hands. You’ll also have instant turbo-fire mapping for those more challenging games. Each module also includes at least two original controller ports. The classic controllers won’t have any input lag when plugged into Polymega, so you won’t have trouble playing time-critical games.

There’s more to this innovative modular console than just playing games. You can install and archive your collection digitally, create playlists, rate your games and more. Your social game also got an upgrade! Share screenshots and videos to Facebook or Twitter and connect with friends. Show off your collection and even broadcast your session on Twitch! The base package, which includes the Polymega base unit and one Wireless Controller will cost $249.99. Modules will retail starting at $59.99. There’s no word on a release date yet, but there’s definitely hype! Buy Here

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