Play Atari’s Most Famous Game On This Smart PONG Coffee Table

pong coffee table

Is there a coffee table movement that no one told me about? A few weeks ago, we featured the Sobro smart coffee table and now this actual Atari-licesnced PONG coffee table for your bachelor pad or man cave. Or, if you married the coolest chick on the block, your living room!

Unlike the actual video game, or the old school video game cocktail tables that have actual games in them, this PONG coffee table is not an actual video game. It uses magnets for game play, but rest assured, it is just like the PONG you know and love. The table also features USB ports, bluetooth speakers, and it will come in different colors that won’t feature a gigantic PONG logo. So that’s nice. Buy: $1,100

See more of the PONG coffee table below

pong coffee table pong coffee table

This video shows the evolution of this coffee table concept

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