Porsche Unveils New CarPlay Head Units for Their Classics

A must-have for any driver today is connectivity. Most modern cars have the basic conveniences like Bluetooth and a high-resolution touchscreen, but what about the classics? There’s nothing like driving a bit of treasured automobile history, but sometimes it sucks not having the modern tech we’re so attached to today. How ever can we drive without blasting our latest obsession on Spotify? Porsche has heard our cries and recently unveiled CarPlay-compatible radios for its classic cars. They are suitable for car generations between the first 911 models of the 1960s and those of the 1990s, the 993. Porsche is committed to keeping their vintage vehicles on the road for as long as possible and with these head units, that’s a sure bet. Owners can retrofit their classic Porsches with the latest tech, bringing their vintage luxury closer to the present. 

Modern, but with a retro vibe

The new head units, dubbed “Porsche Classic Communication Management (PCCM),” bring vintage design and modern technology together with two versions available. One has single-DIN dimensions and a 3.5-inch display for cars with smaller radio slots. The other has a double-DIN slot and a 7-inch display for Porsche’s 996 and 986 models. While the PCCM is bringing the necessary modern touches to classic Porsches, that doesn’t mean it will stick out like a sore thumb. There are still a few retro touches to tie it in with your car’s vintage look, like a pair of rotary knobs and six integrated buttons. It also has a black surface finish and the Porsche logo. The PCCM features everything you need in an infotainment system, including Bluetooth, DAB+, and Apple CarPlay. 

There may be other head units that are CarPlay-compatible, but Porsche’s design blends in seamlessly with their classics. Porsche is never cheap and that goes without saying for the new head units as well. The single-DIN model retails for $1,556.74 and the double-DIN for $1,736.33. Buy Here

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