‘Porsche Works Team’ Shows Stunning Behind-The-Scenes Images Of Porsche Racing

Porsche Works Team
Delius Klasing

If you’re a Porsche racing enthusiast then I’ve got the book for you. Porsche Works Team is a new book from world-renowned photographer Frank Kayser. This book details a world of racing that’s never been seen before by outsiders.

Kayser and his team were given unfettered access to Porche’s endurance racing team for three years. They were able to go in the pit, pit lane, and other closed off quarters. For three years they captured Porsche racing at Daytona, Le Mans, and Nürburgring. Porsche Works Team offers an unprecedented look into all of the aspects of distance racing that fans are unable to see.

The brilliant photography by Frank Kayser in Porsche Works Team is coupled with the passionate editorial by Heike Hientzsch. Heiki is the co-author of this book and he captures all of the emotions that go into a 24-hour race. From the tension of the pit stops to the exhaustion of racing for 24 straight hours this book has it all.

This is a perfect book for any racing enthusiast. It also makes for an excellent coffee table book in any bachelor pad or man cave. The stunning photography found within Porsche Works Team can capture anyone’s attention. What makes this book so special is that it’s produced for racing enthusiasts but it can be enjoyed by everyone. Buy Here

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