PowerUp Dart Transforms Paper Planes Into VR Drones

Powerup dart

Thanks to incredible technology from PowerUp Toys, you can now turn any paper plane into a remote controlled drone, viewable through your smartphone. This easily affordable kit can transform any paper airplane made on A5 paper or smaller and can fly for up to 10 minutes on a single charge. One of the best things about this is kit is that you can fly your new drone without worrying about crashing it because of how replaceable the body is. The only delicate part of the kit is the propeller, which sits at the back of the plane so it shouldn’t get damaged if you crash land, or you can use the landing gear to keep your favorite plane safe.

The PowerUp Dart can fly up to 25 mph and is a major improvement on previous renditions of the kit. The new kit is 50% smaller, 25% lighter, and has 30% more thrust in the motor. Additionally, the kit includes a crossbar that fits to the length of your aircraft to not only give it better lift, but helps stabilize lightweight planes.

If you’re looking to fly with flare there’s a guide available online to teach you a few tricks. These tricks include banking, loops, wingovers, barrel rolls, spins, lazy eights, hammerheads, and scissors. Learn more at Kickstarter

Powerup dart

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