Recovery Can Be as Easy as Applying This Lotion

If you made a New Year’s resolution to get fit this year, chances are you’re feeling the soreness. What’s just as important as working out and a clean diet is recovery. Recovery is essential to muscle and tissue repair as well as strength building, especially after a heavy weight training session. Sure, after a two-hour workout, you might not want to do anything, let alone active recovery. Maybe you’re a masochist and even like the burn.

While resting is definitely a part of recovery, there are other ways that can help and speed up the process as well. Something as simple as replenishing your fluids and refueling with healthy recovery foods that are high in protein and complex carbs can help you recover. You should also stretch or if you’re up for it, endure an ice bath or go through the love-hate relationship of a foam roller. It’s important to not skip this crucial part of training and now there’s another quick and easy way to recover, so you have no excuses.

The magic of bicarbonates

PR Lotion from Amp Human Performance is the first and only product said to effectively deliver bicarbonate directly into the muscle and blood through the skin. AmpHP’s groundbreaking technology allows the bicarbonate to be delivered where it’s needed. When you’re killing it at the gym, your muscle create acid as a byproduct, which is the burning sensation you feel. The acid buildup also lowers your muscle pH and disrupts muscle firing and contraction, so you’re left suffering.

Bicarbonate is a byproduct of your body’s metabolism, brought to your lungs by your blood and exhaled as carbon dioxide. Your kidneys also help regulate bicarbonate. It’s important because it’s a base or alkaline, or an opponent of these acids. Bicarbonate alkalizes the blood and muscle and neutralizes the acid buildup, so you can maintain your performance and recover faster. It also delays and reduces onset muscle soreness. Intense exercise creates free radicals that cause damage and inflammation to muscle tissues, leading to pain and soreness. Recent studies have shown that alkalinization with sodium bicarbonate reduces free radical release, so your muscles are less sore. While your body makes bicarbonate naturally, it is sometimes not enough to regulate the acid/base-balance your body needs. More bicarbonate means you can do more. That’s where PR Lotion steps in.

Better workouts and recovery

AmpHP says PR Lotion can reduce muscle soreness, lower heart rate, and increase lactate levels to fuel the muscles. This lotion is probably one of the easiest things to add to your training regime. The lotion can be applied before and after workouts. Prior to your gym session, rub PR Lotion into the muscles you’re working. After a long workout or competition, apply to the affected muscle groups to speed up recovery. AmpHP suggests runner and cyclists should apply a liberal amount to each leg throughout the hams, quads, calves, and shins. Swimmers and weightlifters should focus on shoulders, biceps, triceps, and forearms. You can apply twice 30 minutes apart before a long workout and reapply after for added recovery.

PR Lotion is Informed Choice Sport certified and has had partnerships with USA Cycling, Rally Pro Cycling, Impact Basketball, as well as champion athletes. It has been clinically proven to help athletes do more work, more intervals, and more of what you love so you aren’t suffering when you could be working. Buy Here


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