Presto Nomad Slow Cooker Is Made For The Wild

Who says you can’t take the convenience of modern cooking with you on a camping trip? We say you should take whatever you want. If that’s a slow cooker, then you should take this one with you. It is rugged and perfect for camping or picnics. So, take your baked beans and wings with you next time and don’t worry about borrowing your mom’s slow cooker to do it.

The wide design of the Presto Nomad is ideal for preventing spills and leaks in transit. It also has a built-in utensil holder on the lid for carrying a serving spoon. The cool-touch housing of this slow cooker ensures no burns and no worries while transporting your delicious hot food. A swing-up handle means you can carry this cooker easily to wherever you’re heading.

A built-in dry erase board and included marker mean that you can easily mark what’s inside. Or, you could just take a peek inside for yourself through the steam-resistant viewing window atop the lid. Inside, a generous 8 quart capacity means there is plenty of room for food to feed a party. The lock-in lid ensures no spills and excellent heat retention. Finally, built-in cord storage helps keep things tangle-free and out of the way the whole time your slow cooker is in use.

Like we said, this slow cooker is a convenience that should never be left behind. Enjoy your favorite hot foods on the go with the Presto Nomad. Buy Here


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