Nick Offerman’s Private Woodworking Shop Is A Thing Of True Manliness

Nick Offerman Woodworking Shop

During a rare private tour of his woodworking shop, actor Nick Offerman revealed his collection of rare and exotic wood. Nick Offerman’s career exploded thanks in part to his role as Ron Swanson on NBC’s Parks and Recreation. It’s hard to say for sure if Nick Offerman was the living embodiment of manliness prior to becoming famous as Ron Swanson. One thing for certain, though, is Nick Offerman’s life has forever changed thanks to the iconic role.

Parks and Rec has been off the air for several years now, and Nick Offerman spends his days living in the hills of California. Nestled in his backyard is a woodworking shop that would make any man alive jealous. This woodworking mecca is chock full of the most exquisite wood a man can get his hands on, and it’s all put to good use.

What jumps out the most about this feature is how much Nick Offerman loves woodworking. It’s clear that woodworking isn’t just a hobby he picked up because of his public persona. Nick truly cares about the wood and sees it as a living embodiment of history. Every Spring rain shower, Summer breeze, and Winter snowfall are alive in the wood.

My untrained eyes are unable to appreciate wood in the way Nick Offerman does. But I can live vicariously through his love and passion for woodworking in clips such as this.

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